Network Design and Implementation

Micro Computers Plus has a technical team that has been field-ready to handle network and infrastructure projects of any size, and any scope. From multi-building physical networks, service industry wireless guest networks, and oilfield communications, to SMB networks and home business communications, we are capable to deliver a solution for you and your business. 



Our first step is to Assess your current infrastructure situation, to get a complete picture of what your business has currently, identify areas of need or improvement, and features of your existing solution that can remain in place.



The second step is have our team work with you and with our extensive partnerships with business leaders to Design a solution that meets your requirements, and can grow with your business. 



Our trained technical team will then Implement our proposed solution, and ensure it meets the expectations you have communicated to us. 



Finally, once the solution has been implemented, we can continue to provide Managed Services to ensure the solution will continue to work under demanding conditions, and that your business isn't caught off-guard by any unexpected service outages. We worry about your IT services, so you can focus on your business.