Solar Plus...

Micro Computers Plus… and Custom Wrapping Inc. have partnered up to provide Solar Solutions in the Peace Country Region. Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or farmer we can provide you with the solar energy products you require.

Why Go Solar?

  • Solar is good for the environment
    Reduces greenhouse gases.
    Energy used to produce PV cells is paid back between .5 and 1.4 years.
  • Solar is a solid investment
    The investment that you make in solar, will add its exact property value–or more–to your home.
    Grid Tie Solar Solutions will reduce your energy bill and in some cases can even make you money.
    Connecting to the energy grid can be very expensive in rural or recreational areas. Investing in an Off Grid Solar and storage solution is less expensive and there will be no power bills.
  • Solar systems are durable
    Solar panel systems have a life cycle of 25 year plus.
  • Regulated current
    In areas that suffer from fluctuating power or power outage a solar system and storage solution can eliminate those possibly damaging outages.

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