The Squeaky Wheel of Windows 10

By and large Windows 10 is receiving positive reviews. It’s cleaner, more secure, easier to manage, and has several under the hood improvements. That being said, singing the praises of Windows 10 is not what this post is about. Like all things, Windows 10 is not perfect and has flaws. One of the more obvious one of those flaws is the topic of this post.

A recent Windows 10 update has been observed by numerous sources to uninstall certain programs without user consent or notification. For the most part the programs removed were lesser known system hardware programs like Speccy, a program that gives advanced information on system specs. However, some of the programs were rather important like the AMD Catalyst Control Center the software used to manage AMD’s graphics cards.

To make matters worse, these updates are not avoidable by the standard user. One of the big changes Microsoft introduced in Windows 10 was the removal of the ability for the user to disable automatic updates. Microsoft’s claim is that this was intended to help protect users by enforcing the installation of the latest security updates. Noble as that may be, it is not without risks as it means that the user no longer has a way to avoid updates that cause problems in the system or remove critical software.